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E.LUO Shines at the Netherlands Interclean Expo

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From May 14th to 17th, 2024, the Amsterdam International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition is being held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Amsterdam International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition in the Netherlands began in 1967 and is the oldest professional expo in the cleaning industry so far. The scale of this International Cleaning and Maintenance Exhibition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, reaches 80,000 square meters, attracting many well-known international and domestic companies to participate in the exhibition, jointly displaying products and technologies representing the highest level in the world’s cleaning field.

As an exhibitor, E.LUO once again used this top international exhibition in the cleaning industry to meet with more than 30,000 international professional visitors from more than 130 countries to discuss industry plans in a truly international atmosphere!

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Professional Activities:

Interclean keeps up with the latest development trends in the cleaning industry, strives to break through and innovate, and displays the most cutting-edge industry information, technology and products to the audience. The organizer will provide a convenient platform for industry insiders to communicate and negotiate through various seminars, innovation competitions and other professional activities. Workshops will cover popular topics such as public health management and infection control, how to increase productivity, how to reduce operating costs and how to apply new technologies to cleaning projects.

E.LUO’s presence at the expo was met with great enthusiasm and anticipation, as industry leaders and environmental advocates gathered to explore the latest advancements in clean technology. With a diverse range of products and services, E.LUO demonstrated its versatility and expertise in addressing various aspects of environmental sustainability.

Main Product Lines:

During the Netherlands Interclean Expo, we had the privilege to showcase our range of products to our esteemed clients, including vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, floor scrubbers, and accessories tailored to enhance their functionality. Each of these products offers unique advantages that align with our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our vacuum cleaners stand out for their powerful suction capabilities, ensuring thorough cleaning of various surfaces while minimizing energy consumption. With advanced filtration systems, they not only remove dust and debris but also improve indoor air quality, promoting a healthier environment for occupants.

In addition to traditional vacuum cleaners, our sweeping robots represent the future of automated cleaning technology. Equipped with intelligent sensors and navigation systems, these robots effortlessly navigate through spaces, efficiently removing dirt and debris without the need for manual intervention. This not only saves time and labor but also reduces reliance on chemical cleaners, contributing to a greener cleaning approach.

Furthermore, our floor scrubbers are designed to deliver exceptional cleaning results on a wide range of floor surfaces. With adjustable settings and precision engineering, these machines offer versatility and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in diverse environments.

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Complementing our cleaning equipment, we offer a comprehensive range of accessories designed to optimize efficiency and convenience. From specialized brushes and nozzles to ergonomic handles and extension wands, these accessories enhance the functionality of our products, empowering users to tackle cleaning tasks with ease and precision.

Overall, our products and accessories showcased exemplify our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet the highest standards of performance but also prioritize environmental sustainability. By investing in our products, clients can enjoy cleaner, healthier spaces while minimizing their ecological footprint, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

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Company Mission:

E.LUO highlighted its commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable business practices. From ethical sourcing of materials to community engagement initiatives, the company’s holistic approach to sustainability resonated with attendees and underscored its dedication to making a positive impact beyond profit margins.


At the Netherlands Interclean Expo, E.LUO emerged not only as a participant but as a trailblazer in the global clean technology landscape. With its visionary leadership, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and innovative solutions, E.LUO continues to inspire and drive positive change in the journey towards a cleaner, greener future for all.


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