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Sweeping Robot SDJ00003
Sweeping Robot SDJ00003

Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

USD 199.99~239.99

Sweeping Robot is a smart device that automatically cleans floors using brushes and suction power. It navigates around furniture and obstacles, making cleaning effortless.

  • Efficient Cleaning: Sweeping Robot thoroughly cleans floors with its powerful suction and precision brushes.
  • Smart Navigation: It intelligently navigates through rooms, avoiding obstacles and adapting to different floor types.
  • Time-Saving: With its automated cleaning capabilities, Sweeping Robot saves you time and effort on household chores.
  • Low Maintenance: The robot is easy to maintain, with washable filters and brushes that can be quickly replaced for optimal performance.

Sweeping Robot Description

Introducing our innovative Sweeping Robot – the ultimate cleaning companion for your home. With its efficient cleaning system and smart navigation technology, this robot effortlessly sweeps through rooms, tackling dirt and debris with precision. Save time and energy with its automated cleaning capabilities, while you enjoy a consistently clean living space. Easy to maintain and versatile on different floor surfaces, our Sweeping Robot is the perfect solution for a hassle-free cleaning experience. Embrace convenience and efficiency with this advanced home cleaning device.

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Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Data Sheet

Host size 330×330×98mm




Machine Weight 3kg
Overall power consumption 20W 【Standard】
Cleaning area Lidar navigation



Cleaning modes/patterns

1. Full home clean(machine start full coverage cleaning. It will go back to charging station once finished)

2. Constituency mode(custmize single/multiple cleaning zones) 3. Designated mode(Clean the designated target point.)

4. Edge clean(machine clean along the wall or furniture edge) 5. Scrubbing mode ( wet&dry mopping)

6. Schedule mode(preset cleaning;)

Create boundaries/invisible wall/setting a restricted



Draw a line or a grid on the map to avoid machine to the area

Main brush Roller brush, Glue wool integrated
Dust box capacity 230ml
Water tank capacity 240ml
Vacuum degree 3000 Pa Max
Cliff detection Infrared cliff detection
Barrier-crossing Height ≤18mm
Working noise ≤65dB【Standard】
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