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Electric Toothbrush20
Electric Toothbrush20

Sonic Adult Electric Toothbrush

The Electric Toothbrush offers efficient cleaning with its powerful vibrations, gentle bristles, and built-in timer for optimal oral care.

  1. Superior Cleaning: Electric toothbrushes provide more effective plaque removal compared to manual brushing, leading to cleaner teeth and healthier gums.
  2. Built-in Timer: Many electric toothbrushes feature a timer to ensure you brush for the recommended two minutes, promoting better oral hygiene.
  3. Multiple Brushing Modes: Some electric toothbrushes offer different modes such as deep cleaning, whitening, and sensitive, catering to individual dental needs.
  4. Rechargeable and Environmentally Friendly: Electric toothbrushes are usually rechargeable, reducing the waste produced by disposable batteries and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Electric Toothbrush

Introducing our innovative Electric Toothbrush, designed to elevate your oral care routine with cutting-edge features. With superior cleaning power, this advanced toothbrush effectively removes plaque for a sparkling smile and healthier gums. Equipped with a convenient built-in timer, you can ensure you brush for the recommended two minutes every time. Choose from multiple brushing modes such as deep cleaning and whitening to customize your experience. Eco-friendly and rechargeable, our Electric Toothbrush is a sustainable choice for a brighter, healthier smile. Elevate your oral care routine with our Electric Toothbrush today!

Sonic Adult Electric Toothbrush Technical

Shell material ABS, PC
Product size L245mm x Φ28mm
Product weight ≈130g
Total standby power consumption <0.04mW
Input voltage and current DC5V/550mA
Battery voltage DC3.7V
Rated power ≤2W
Motor parameters magnetic levitation, vibration
Built-in lithium battery capacity 1200mAh
Built-in lithium battery power 4.44Wh
Built-in lithium battery cycle life ≥150 times
Charging current 100mA~520mA max
Protection overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit
Toothbrush head swing 3~8mm (varies depending on mode and intensity)
Noise ≤65db (A) (10cm from the toothbrush head)

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