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Welcoming a Prestigious Client at E.LUO Headquarters

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On June 14th, E.LUO’s International Trade Manager Grace He and Sales Manager Gavin Ye warmly welcomed a distinguished client at the E.LUO headquarters. This visit was a significant milestone, highlighting E.LUO’s robust capabilities and industry-leading innovations in the home cleaning sector.

Showcasing Cutting-Edge Vacuum Cleaner Technology

The visit commenced with a tour of our state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner showroom. Grace and Gavin introduced the client to our latest vacuum cleaner models, detailing their unique features and advanced functionalities. The client was highly impressed, offering high praise and acknowledging E.LUO’s leading position in the home cleaning industry.


A Tour of Our Expansive Warehousing Facilities

Following the product demonstration, the tour extended to our expansive 37,500 square meter three-dimensional warehouse. Here, the client observed the comprehensive storage, packaging, and shipping processes for all E.LUO product lines. The client was astonished by the scale and efficiency of our operations, affirming E.LUO’s status as a powerful supplier capable of meeting all their needs, positioning us as their one-stop supplier.


Insight into Market Presence and Growth

Gavin then provided an overview of E.LUO’s market share in China and our steadily increasing presence in international markets. The client recognized E.LUO as a major player in the vacuum cleaner industry, expressing confidence in our future growth prospects within the cleaning sector.

Building a Promising Partnership

Throughout the visit, the client engaged in enthusiastic discussions with Grace and Gavin, expressing a strong interest in future collaborations. The positive interaction reinforced the client’s desire to establish a long-term partnership with E.LUO.

A Memorable Conclusion

The visit concluded with a group photograph at the E.LUO headquarters entrance, symbolizing the beginning of a promising relationship. The client expressed a keen interest in returning for further engagements, reinforcing the potential for ongoing collaboration.

group photo

This visit not only showcased E.LUO’s capabilities but also strengthened our position as a leader in the home cleaning industry, setting the stage for future growth and cooperation.


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